Sony A7iii, And Why It’s So Popular For Headshots

First, let me start off by introducing myself. I’m John from John’s Headshots and I’ve been in business approximately two years. I started off shooting with a Canon 6d and immediately upgraded to their 5d Mark iv. So I spent lots of time shooting with the Mark iv paired with an EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM lens. The images were always crisp and true to Canon’s colors. What really caught my attention and prompted the change to the Sony A7iii was their highly sophisticated auto focus system. This is an area I struggled with when shooting with the Mark iv. At times I noticed many blurry images as if the auto focus struggled to maintain the area of focus chose.  Wow, now with the Sony having the Fast Hybrid AF with 693 phase detection points images are sharper then ever. You can instantly watch the auto focus at work as a subject makes even the slightest of movements. This has been a game changer for me and improved my work phenomenally! For anyone on the fence about making the change from Canon, feel at ease, the Sony will not let you down. I use the Sony A7iii to primarily shoot headshots and I must say the colors are amazing. This camera continues to wow me each and every shoot. I plan on experimenting with different glass to continue to put the auto focus up to all of the tests. The Sigma 85mm f1.4 DG has been surprisingly fast when shooting using the AF in studio. My next piece of glass has me interested in quite a few different options but all in the 70-200mm range. I do love Canon’s L series of lenses and they’re amazingly sharp. Who knows, maybe you guys can comment below on my next choice of glass. Will it be Sony, Canon, Sigma, I’ll let you guys be the judge. Until next time, stay shooting and always capture the moment!!

Sigma_85mm_1.4 Sony_a7iii canon_6d canon_5d_mark_iv canon_24-105mm f4