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Model headshots are different than actor headshots with slightly more of the face and body being concentrated on. If you’re a new model just beginning the first thing you will need is a comp card. When creating your headshots it’s important to have outfits that are form-fitting and makeup that is very natural and lightly applied. Show off your true personality and bring a type of uniqueness that will draw the agencies to your comp card.


Corporate headshots are commonly used when employers are needing new images for their website. You may also need business cards, new social media profile images, and possibly even prints. The goal for your headshots would be to project yourself in a professional manner. Good posture along with the right lighting, your business attire, and an expression with and without a smile is key. Don’t forget to make sure those eyes are smiling to match your expression.

Headshots Las Vegas

Actors / Actress

Your only chance to grab the attention of a casting director would be to have a professional headshot that makes a great first impression. Next would be to know the type of character you will be playing. Find out exactly how they would dress and the types of expressions they’re able to pull off for the role. You may hear me say this a bunch on the site but it’s all about the eyes. No bright colors and natural-looking makeup so your headshots get you gigs.

How To Prepare For Your Headshot Session

Being prepared for your headshots guarantees that we’re on the same page for what you expect for your images.  By booking online and including notes gives us a chance to reach out to you and learn more about your needs. Having an understanding of your expectations will make directing your session easier to shape your expressions.

The next step may sound really simple, but often the most challenging. Trying to get you relaxed starts with the greeting as you arrive at the door. It’s just not everyone has the comfort level of being behind a camera taking direction. Best practices are to think about having a really good posture and focusing on the direction without looking tense. 

Be sure you get plenty of rest the night before your shoot. I recommend drinking a good amount of fluids to stay hydrated to keep your skin looking fresh. I know this is Vegas and some of you might be tempted to drink the night before, but don’t do it. Give yourself the best chance of looking fresh so your headshots speak volumes.

Schedule your headshot session using our booking form on the booking page. Follow our suggestions for choosing the best outfits to wear. In order to have your skin looking its best, stay hydrated before your arrival and limit your alcohol intake the night before. Get good sleep and arrive well-rested.

Hair And Makeup


  • Ladies should highly consider using our make-up artist for a professional look.  If you decide not to use our make-up artist remember a natural look always appears to stand out for professional headshots.
  • Hair is so important to you so come styled if you intend not to use our stylist. Be sure to bring your favorite brush to keep flyaway hairs under control. There are several products available for all types of hair. Of course, we do recommend using our professional to give you a fresh professional look.
  • If you wear jewelry I always advise clients not to wear anything distracting. Remember it’s all about showing your personality.


  • Come looking your best with a fresh haircut styled and ready to be photographed.
  • Be sure you don’t have any unnecessary nose hairs that would show up in your headshots.
  • For guys that wear beards be sure they’re trimmed neatly. You do also have the option to shave here at the studio if you’re wanting both looks.
  • Unless you’re an actor or model chances are you won’t be needing our make-up artist. Make sure your face is clean and not oily. If you’re in the sun before your shoot and you arrive with a shiny forehead I will have you wash your face. 
  • We do live in the desert so if you use lotion or moisturizers to prevent any dry skin those will be fine. Just make sure that the product you use doesn’t leave any clumping or color change to your facial hair.
  • A new outfit always seems to make me feel amazing. Spoil yourself and grab some new clothes to show that you’re looking your best.

Styles We Suggest


  • The most important tip I offer women for their headshots is to choose outfits that make you feel good.
  • Busy patterns do one thing only, take away from your personality and draw the eyes away from what’s important.
  • Headshots look their best when you’re wearing solid colors.
  • Business professionals should include a suit type jacket if comfortable. V-necks along with crew and boat necks appear flattering still keeping a professional look. When choosing colors keep in mind that darker colors have a higher success rate for being hired.
  • Models – Actors / Actresses should choose clothing that enhances your eyes and flatters your skin. Button downs and jackets can add an interesting touch to your headshots. For colors, jewel tones give a look of vibrance and happy and work well for commercial headshots. Lighter colors like white, grey, and beige give a very clean looking appearance. Bright colors often portray confidence and show the client has good energy. Your darker colors tend to provide a softer more sensual feel that adds interest to your headshots.
  • Jewelry is something I tend to shy away from having clients wear as it can get distracting. If you wear jewelry you should keep it minimal on the day of your shoot.


  • Headshots are going to play a major role in becoming the person to desire to be. Think about how you feel when the boss is around and he’s dressed to the nines. Mimic that level of success to further your path to becoming the boss you intend to be. “Dress to Impress”!
  • Bring to your shoot a variety of business casual options to create a various amount of images. 
  • Bring your favorite suit that gets you feeling like a million bucks. The one that fits perfect and has you stand just a little bit taller feeling confident.
  • Darker colors will be your best friend like your blacks, charcoals, and even navy blues to keep the audience that views your corporate headshots engaged with your expression.
  • Shirts with patterns or busy prints will do you No justice and only appear distracting in your final images. Patterns in the tie however can be acceptable and add a nice touch to your ensemble given that they don’t stand out on their own and take away for your look.
  • Most importantly be sure your clothes are ironed and pressed prior to arrival at the studio.It’s best to change when you get here for your headshots. Last thing you want is your shirt to look wrinkled. The goal here is for you to leave with fabulous headshots.

Professional Headshot Session

  • To make things convenient for our clients there is no confusion when it comes to pricing. 
  • We have a set session fee of $150 and the image fee is $50.
  • When your purchase individual images you will receive professional retouching to be certain you have the highest quality headshots possible.
  • Unlimited Outfit Changes Are Included
  • Expert Direction And Expression Coaching 
  • Multiple Background Choices
  • Hair And Makeup Are Available Upon Request

Enjoy A Relaxed Atmosphere

We understand that not everyone who shows up enjoys having their photo taken. For this reason you will notice that immediately the greeting at the door is where it all starts for me. My goal is always to make you feel comfortable and feeling your best in front of my lens.

Headshots Live

As we shoot all of your headshots will be displayed on a monitor for viewing. This allows us to visually make changes and choose the perfect images for your selection.

Image Proofing Gallery

Upon completion of your headshot session, you will have the option to leave with your proofing gallery after selecting the images you wish to have retouched. I shoot between 50 - 300 images to be included in your proofing gallery. They will be available for 60 days after your shoot. At that time they will be deleted unless arrangements are made.

Expedited Turnaround Times

We understand and know exactly how important deadlines are to you. Need your Headshots by tomorrow? Most of the time we can deliver. To make sure we don't get caught in a jam we tell everyone that their headshots can take between 24 - 48 hours.

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