What Your Headshots Say About You

Headshots are very important these days in business. They are more important for realtors who meet clients on various platforms. Many of these clients are met online, especially on LinkedIn where headshots are preferred rather than selfies.
In case you haven’t thought about taking a headshot to boost your brand, you should do that soon. Also, if you are still doubtful about why you should have a professional headshot, or you think professional headshots are not that important, then you should read what clients think about you when they sight your headshot.

What does your headshot say about you? What does it tell your clients?

Consciously or unconsciously, people form opinions about you based on your headshot. They can tell whether you are a real professional or not by looking at your headshot. In Las Vegas, you should never attempt to use a selfie as your professional headshot. Clients in this city are not dummies. They know the rules. They can easily tell that you’re violating the rules. More importantly, you expect many of your clients to contact you via online platforms. You will be doing yourself a lot of harm if you have a scruffy headshot. An agent with a professional headshot is more likely to be trusted than another with an unprofessional one.

Real Estate agents are well-known as people who just want to close the deal. They are perceived to be after your money. This tag is even strongly evident in a place like Vegas where real estate is a money-spinning venture. However, a quality headshot can help erase part of that tag. A well-taken headshot gives the client an impression that you care even about the little things that other realtors don’t.

Every business should undergo some form of innovation. Innovation can be about the products, processes, or people. People innovation is usually the most important because both products and processes depend on people. An organization’s growth is equal to the growth of its people. This is why you are encouraged to take beautiful-looking headshots. It shows that you and your organization are innovative and up-to-date in the affairs of modern business strategies.

Every client wants to know their money is safe wherever they put it. They want to be assured that the property they’re acquiring doesn’t have serious litigation issues. They want to be assured their property won’t have future litigation consequences. These are reasons why most clients are only involved in business transactions with upright professionals. And, one of the ways that are done is by assessing what they represent through their headshot. Remember first impression counts.

We have highlighted to you the impressions your clients have of you just by assessing your headshot. You can increase your chances of closing more lucrative deals by taking quality headshots. Let’s give you the headshot you deserve. We offer quality services that include top-notch images. Training comes from the famous Peter Hurley and his Headshot Crew.

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