Let’s dive in and take a look at why some may think headshot pricing is too expensive. First, have you ever heard the saying, “You Get What You Pay For?” You can best believe that if you’re looking for inexpensive Professional Headshots the last thing you’re going to receive is, “Professional”.  Ask yourself this one question to determine the value of your headshots. Do you want to be taken seriously when using your image to represent your brand? Second, are you sure your inexpensive headshots are going to look perfect when you upload them to social platforms? I get many of my clients complaining about their last set of headshots being blurry when sizing for each different media platform. Imagine you just spent $50 – $150 to get blurry or images that are a lack of quality. Down the drain, your money just went and now you’re searching for another headshot photographer to recreate your images. So now you’re gonna spend that same $50 – $150 to find another inexpensive session. Boom, add that up plus the time you’ve wasted and you could have hired a quality professional headshot specialist like myself with impeccable reviews to provide more than just an image but an Experience.

You see, it’s not really worth it to nickel and dime yourself when it comes to your professional career and building your brand. When you visit my home studio the difference in why you should spend what real quality is worth is apparent right when you walk through the door. My professional headshot studio is set up with the latest in technology and lighting that most aren’t willing to spend the money for. You also benefit from my expert ability in coaching that I’ve studied and mastered from the great Peter Hurley. I’ve been a part of his Headshot Crew for a few years and have mastered my craft. When you start to understand the difference in a true headshot professional the value you’ll receive starts to outweigh the cost that most seem to think are too expensive. Be certain when you choose John’s Headshots you’re dealing with a licensed and insured business that goes above and beyond for all of my clients. Lastly, remember that the attention span of today’s social media users happens to be short and quick to judge a person by their image. With that being said, you get a split second to leave a lasting impression on your audience. Don’t risk your business to save a few dollars on inexpensive headshot photographers when you have a local headshot specialist who can direct you to bring out the absolute best expressions for all categories of headshots.

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