Cell Phones Vs Professional Cameras for A Headshot

Due to the increased use of cell phones and their impeccable functionality, people are ditching cameras and replacing them with Smartphones. The big question is; Are professional cameras still necessary in today’s life? I have the answer to this, read on to find out.

There are many reasons why people prefer cell phones over cameras these include:

  1. Convenience – compared to a camera, a cell phone is convenient; this means that you can take a photo at any time because the phone is always with you. Unless you are a photographer, you don’t necessarily have to carry your camera wherever you go. Taking a photo using a Smartphone is easy and you can edit your photo on the go and even share it with friends.
  2. Playback – with a cell phone, you can easily review your photos. Most phones today come with a large screen and this will make you see the final results better compared to a camera.
  3. Sharing – most cell phones easily connect to the internet and this makes it easy for you to share your photo. You can share the photos to the social media easily.
  4. Image editing – after capturing photos, you can easily edit them using a phone. The editing features in phones are vast and cannot be compared to those of a camera.

In the other hand, professional cameras are a MUST; this is because there are some features that a Smartphone have that cannot be compared to those of a cell phone. Professional cameras are still a necessity in this modern world because:

  1. They have high picture quality – this is the main advantage they have over cell phones. Cell phones pictures can be amazing but cameras surpass all by their capability. You can take a very beautiful headshot or photo in any lighting condition with a camera. I would suggest that you take headshot using a camera because it will give you a high quality and a professional looking photo.
  2. Lens capability – with a camera, you can be able to take control of the zoom using the lens and this makes it a great feature. You can capture images that are far away from where you are. Another advantage of a camera lens is that you can take a clear and a beautiful photo a few centimeters away from the object. This makes the camera the best for headshots.
  3. Battery – we find that our cell phones die after a session of continuous photo taking. A camera has a long lasting battery and a typical camera can take up to 500 photos per once charge.
  4. Cost – cameras are now affordable and this makes them cheaper compared to cell phones. You can acquire a decent camera for few bucks.

If you are a professional photographer, you need a camera and for quality headshots, you definitely need a professional camera.

Cell Phones Vs Cameras for Headshots