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Headshots Las Vegas

Please be sure to call us at 702-426-6027 if your desired day and time doesn’t show up when booking through the site. We always like to accommodate our clients and will find a way to shuffle our schedule around for you. Your headshots are our priority and we never want you to miss out because of scheduling.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy: We ask that you please reschedule or cancel at least 1 day before the beginning of your appointment. A reservation fee is applied and required to reserve your appointment. The cancellation policy requires you to give 24-hour notice for any refund. If you’re rescheduling an appointment there is the option for a one-time reschedule. There will be no refunds for cancelling or any option for rescheduling a second time. A new reservation fee will be needed to book a new headshot session .Our policy is firm as our time is every bit as important as yours. Please understand this policy prior to booking an appointment. Thank you from John’s Headshots.

To give everyone the maximum amount of my time I only schedule one client at a time to give you a personalized headshot session. This also allows me the time to keep the studio sanitized for each client. Headshot sessions have been priced to allow for everyone to benefit from professional headshots.

All of my clients will receive the attention they deserve so that your headshots come out as flawless as possible. What you can expect from me is total professionalism and the experience to bring out the best of you without taking up too much of your time. Once you understand how to nail the squinch and show approachability from the mouth we get to work. Your headshots should reek confidence by the end of our session.