About John's Headshots Professional Photographer


My name is John, a professional headshot photographer based in Las Vegas. I take professional headshot photos for individuals, businesses or professionals. I’m very passionate about headshot photography I do my best to give customers amazing results.

I believe that headshot photography is not just taking a photo; I know how to produce high-quality headshots to the satisfaction of my customers. I make sure that each session is appealing and accommodating to my clients.
When you work with me, you will notice that I always wear a big smile on my face. This charm brings about a warm environment and this allows my clients to overcome shyness, feel comfortable and be able to express themselves. All these make headshot shooting to be fun.

I recently joined the Headshot Crew because my passion for great headshots increasingly desires. My clients are the world to me and the knowledge of Peter Hurley that’s being shared allows us to be the best headshot photographers possible. Book a session with me and see what all the fun is about.

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