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John’s Headshots is based in North Las Vegas and provides captivating headshots that will attract everyone’s attention. We’ve been providing professional photography since 2017 and continue to service all of Las Vegas and the surrounding areas. From the new startup company to the well-established brands, we support all of you. Do you want headshots that will exceed your expectations and generate more business? Then be sure to get the best headshots Las Vegas has to offer. #VegasStrong

Don't Have Professional Headshots?

Great headshots of yourself can infuse an edge that you need in a competitive market – whether you’re an actor, a professional, or if you’re promoting your brand online – the image you portray can be vital to your success.

It’s time to make a great impression online because you work extremely hard to succeed. The headshots we photograph are going to boost your presence and enhance your business profiles. Having your headshots created by an expert is proven to have a higher likeability rate when submitting your images. 

Just because someone has a camera doesn’t mean they understand the meticulous way of composing headshots. We’ve mastered lighting and the skill of direction to provide images unlike any other.

    Our sessions are entertaining and friendly experiences that improve your ability to be in front of a camera. You may need a minute or two to adjust to the led lights, but that’s normal.  Once you’re ready the session will get underway and before you know it you’ll be telling me how fun and painless the process was. My primary focus is to take stunning headshots that capture the essence of who you are – and for that, it’s absolutely vital that you come looking your best. You will leave feeling confident that your new headshots give you a competitive edge.

So don’t wait, visit our booking page and schedule your headshots right away. The calendar fills up fast so invest in yourself and join the many that are benefiting from our service. Trusted professionals, actors/actresses, and models understand the value of marketing using their professional headshots. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain when you book a session with John’s Headshots.

Dating Headshots

Like it or not the way we go about dating has changed. Online platforms are the new way of meeting our potential next date. Do you remember scrolling or swiping and seeing an image that was blurry or just not appealing? Forget about getting that right swipe using that approach. Our techniques will give you an edge and the image you need to land your dream date. Leave the studio with dating headshots that get results.

Beauty Headshots

Are you feeling glamorous and in need of new headshots? We have an led setup from Westcott that gives our beauty headshots a flattering style. You’ll notice how the light wraps your face leaving no shadows. Another benefit is that your pupils constrict showing all of the color in your eye. All of these details are extremely important because feeling beautiful is the root to self confidence and our way of capturing that beauty in your images.

Talent Headshots

Competition is the name of the game when casting directors are looking for great talent. Don’t let an old or lousy headshot get in the way of your dreams. We have the experience to coach you and offer clothing suggestions that will better your chances for getting hired. Choose our exclusive session for multiple outfit changes and unlimited time frame and you will leave with headshots that produce results.

Professional Headshots For Brand Recognition

Show Integrity

John's Headshots understands the value of having strong moral principles. Taking the time to understand your brand allows us to create a comprehensive approach to producing exactly the look you require. Because honesty builds trust, we believe that communication between our clients gives us an advantage at offering advice and critiquing the styles that compose your headshots. Show your audience the type of integrity they require when looking to do business with you.

Get Noticed

Your brand deserves headshots that get noticed and set you apart from the competition. It's strategically important that when potential clients are searching online looking at various images they're stopped when arriving at yours. Because social media plays a huge roll in how your customers / clients view your image be sure your headshots make a statement. Ask yourself one question, "Is my headshot working hard enough for the amount of success I envision for my future"?

Stay Engaged

The eyes are the focal point of every great headshot and demand to be the center of attention. You'll notice when browsing our images that the eyes are always above centerline. For this we create an atmosphere that allows you to feel comfortable so you begin to reveal aspects of your personality. We'll teach you how to visually express yourself just by using your eyes. Once you realize how powerful your headshots inspire your viewers to engage, you will be convinced.

Premier Headshot Services

Business Professional Headshots

Stand out amongst your peers with quality headshots that show you’re devoted to your profession. You deserve to be highly respected in your field and be taken seriously when your prospective client is searching for your expertise online. Attention spans are short so let your confidence breakthrough in your headshots and show your audience why they should hire you.

Special Military Pricing

We love to honor our Military clientele so much that we want to give back. Come in with your id and receive special pricing for serving our great country. The stories you guys share make our day and remind us of the freedoms we have thanks to your sacrifice. Creating your headshots is so rewarding, so know that whatever you need for your session we’ll do our best to have it for you.

Headshots Las Vegas

Commercial / Model Headshots

Plan on bringing multiple outfits per recommendation on our services page. These headshot sessions generally take the most time. Booking our make-up artist would be a wise choice for females and often advised for some males. Of course, you do have the option to arrive makeup-ready. Either way, we take your career very seriously and shoot until we have the looks.

Raving Headshot Reviews

When looking for a headshot photographer, let the reviews speak for themselves. Everyone deserves to be treated with the utmost respect and provided a service that matches the value. You choose to spend your hard-earned money in the beginning stages of your career to purchase headshots. We understand how important your livelihood is therefore we are committed to working hard for you. Click the button below to read our reviews from satisfied clients who post feedback about our service. Thank you Las Vegas and all of my incredible clients who have made John’s Headshots something truly special. None of this would be possible without you.

Headshots Las Vegas
Headshots Las Vegas
Headshots Las Vegas
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